Wonderful Womanhood

30 Ways To Walk With Women

How to walk with women? How to support and encourage? How to advocate and defend? How to love and befriend? It doesn’t take a march on Washington (though I’m not opposed to writing legislators, voting in the good guys/gals, and peaceful protests), it only takes some thought, some prayer, and some follow through. Be warned… Read More 30 Ways To Walk With Women

Wonderful Womanhood

30 Years of Walking With Women

Thirty years ago I was a freshman at The University of Texas at Austin. The Lord led me into a four week Bible study with Cru (Campus Crusade at the time) pretty early on that year, and then I made my way through their subsequent studies. Anybody remember the Discovery Group? The Discipleship Group? And… Read More 30 Years of Walking With Women

Dwelling in the Land, Family Life

Reflections & Resolutions

I’m living out a little fantasy of mine today and for the next two days called Being Alone In My House. It’s so amazing. You know I still love having a full house, lots of people around my table, and the sounds of laughter and lively conversations, but this is such a nice reprieve. Robert… Read More Reflections & Resolutions

Abiding in the Vine, New England Living

Extreme Weather/Life Conditions

It was -15 degrees Fahrenheit when I woke up yesterday. Last Tuesday I read an article in the Boston Globe that started like this: “Unless you’re 100 years old, after tomorrow you’ll be able to say you lived through the longest stretch of sub-20-degree days since records started in Boston in 1872.” I don’t live… Read More Extreme Weather/Life Conditions

Walking With Christ

Counting Days, Confirming Work, Making Muffins

Psalm 90. I guess it’s sort of a popular Psalm for New Year’s Day, but I didn’t realize that when I read it this morning. I came across an old article about it a few days ago, and then decided to read it for myself this morning. This morning. I got up early to spend… Read More Counting Days, Confirming Work, Making Muffins

Advent, Holidays

Advent Hope!

It felt like I couldn’t really begin to participate in Advent season yet, because I had this final exam hanging over my head: Old Testament II.It was only one class, but because of the pace of the last six weeks, I got about 10 lectures (I can view them on my own schedule), and several… Read More Advent Hope!

Abiding in the Vine, Walking With Christ

Life Is Scary, But He Is Sweet

Sweet. Not the eight pies I just made for tomorrow’s festivities, but God. That’s how I’ve been describing Him lately anyway. I love words, and so I’m always Googling definitions, synonyms, and even etymologies. When I searched “sweet” this is what I found… pleasant, delightful, nice, good…kind, gentle, sensitive Yes, all of those things. God… Read More Life Is Scary, But He Is Sweet

Abiding in the Vine

Prince of Peace, Come and Reign

It was such a lovely weekend. About twenty-five of us gathered in what can only be described as a log mansion. The oversized stone fireplaces surrounded by the coziest of furniture on every level disqualified it from being a mere cabin. Built long ago as a luxurious hunting lodge, it now serves as the retirement home… Read More Prince of Peace, Come and Reign

Missions, Serve The World

Sweetly Sent

Today is the day. I’m as nervous as I am excited, and I’d appreciate your prayers so much… For open doors to gospel conversations and faith sharing. I love the way my friend Christina put it in a text message yesterday: “Praying for unexpected opportunities and conversations with faith-filled responses.” Yes, that! Also…the forming of… Read More Sweetly Sent


A Winner & A Podcast

So fun!  I would have been so thrilled to send a Bible study workbook to any of you who commented on the last post, because each of you are really precious to me. Really. I truly love connecting with you here, and sharing life’s battles and our common faith. But, Sara Evans was the winner,… Read More A Winner & A Podcast