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Extreme Weather/Life Conditions

It was -15 degrees Fahrenheit when I woke up yesterday. Last Tuesday I read an article in the Boston Globe that started like this: “Unless you’re 100 years old, after tomorrow you’ll be able to say you lived through the longest stretch of sub-20-degree days since records started in Boston in 1872.” I don’t live… Read More Extreme Weather/Life Conditions

Abiding in the Vine, Walking With Christ

Life Is Scary, But He Is Sweet

Sweet. Not the eight pies I just made for tomorrow’s festivities, but God. That’s how I’ve been describing Him lately anyway. I love words, and so I’m always Googling definitions, synonyms, and even etymologies. When I searched “sweet” this is what I found… pleasant, delightful, nice, good…kind, gentle, sensitive Yes, all of those things. God… Read More Life Is Scary, But He Is Sweet

Abiding in the Vine

Prince of Peace, Come and Reign

It was such a lovely weekend. About twenty-five of us gathered in what can only be described as a log mansion. The oversized stone fireplaces surrounded by the coziest of furniture on every level disqualified it from being a mere cabin. Built long ago as a luxurious hunting lodge, it now serves as the retirement home… Read More Prince of Peace, Come and Reign