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Reflections & Resolutions

I’m living out a little fantasy of mine today and for the next two days called Being Alone In My House. It’s so amazing. You know I still love having a full house, lots of people around my table, and the sounds of laughter and lively conversations, but this is such a nice reprieve. Robert… Read More Reflections & Resolutions


25 Years of Incompatibility

Today is our 25th wedding anniversary. 25 years! I remember thinking ten years was a big accomplishment. Justin Taylor posted a G. K. Chesterton quote on Twitter last week. It made me laugh…and think. I’m not going to pretend to be well versed in Chesterton’s writings (I’ve only read a couple of Father Brown mysteries),… Read More 25 Years of Incompatibility


Greece Is The Word (One More Week!)

I couldn’t help myself with that title. You guys know it refers to one of my favorite childhood movies and musicians, because even at age eight I was already a big Olivia fan. Thankfully, almost all innuendos were completely lost on me at the time. Being in second grade meant it was all purely “isn’t… Read More Greece Is The Word (One More Week!)


He Asked For Her Number: Part Five

It was probably about ten or eleven years ago that a kind, well-meaning older woman asked Kayla, who was about five or six years old at the time, what her favorite Christmas Carol was. “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” was her cute, but unfortunate reply. By definition, a Christmas carol is a “song whose lyrics are… Read More He Asked For Her Number: Part Five


Will You Forget Me Forever?

The assignment was to memorize Psalm 13:1-2.  And 1 Corinthians 10:13 too, but I sort of knew that one already.  So Psalm 13 is where I turned first. How long, O Lord? Will you forget me forever? How long will you hide your face from me? How long shall I take counsel in my soul… Read More Will You Forget Me Forever?


Lunch With Lars: Root Beer Marinated Steak Tips & Holy Moments

The lunch date was July 15, so it’s been a little over six months now.  We were at our annual youth camp, held every year at Gordon College, and just a hop, skip, and a jump from Lars and Elisabeth’s home in Magnolia, MA. Elisabeth had passed away in June, we’d been to the memorial… Read More Lunch With Lars: Root Beer Marinated Steak Tips & Holy Moments


Still The Best Convent

Mother’s Day 2009 This is a re-post from 2009.  Nothing has changed except that everyone is now at least 3 inches taller than me, and it’s not ice skating lessons, ballet, field trips, and Little League games, but coordinating the use of the car, track practice, job schedules, college visits and care packages. I still believe… Read More Still The Best Convent


Mondays, Prophetic Dreams, Piper Impersonations, & Senior Pics

Real pic from Monday’s morning run.  I like Monday mornings, and yesterday’s was especially enjoyable. We were up just after 6am and enjoyed some time in a quiet house (before teens were awake) to read our Bibles and pray ~ Robert in his office, me at the dining room table. I guess I should say… Read More Mondays, Prophetic Dreams, Piper Impersonations, & Senior Pics


“Adult Learner” or OCD? (or both?)

My schoolroom yesterday I already told you that I did not do so well on my very first quiz in my graduate school career.  But what I didn’t tell you was that I failed the quiz. I got a 50%.  Out of a possible 100% ~ just to clarify. I also didn’t tell you how… Read More “Adult Learner” or OCD? (or both?)


I Dare Not Trust

My husband just confronted me about something I said to my children recently.  And for the record, this hardly ever happens, his correcting me or having issue with something I’ve said or done, that is.  In fact, I’ve worried before that he was secretly harboring all kinds of ill will and complaints against me and… Read More I Dare Not Trust