A New England Fall

The “Sugar Shack” has been one of our favorite hangouts ever since we moved to Amherst. We have enjoyed their maple syrup, homemade french fries, hamburgers, ice cream, and apple cider year in and year out. It is also almost always a stop with out-of-town guests.There are hundreds of mums – $3.00 each plant or 4 for $10.00!
Miniature pumpkins, gourds of all sorts, and Indian corn….

The kids still love a trip to the Sugar Shack!
This is tobacco. It grows all summer, gets chopped down, and hung to dry in huge red barns. We’re told the tobacco from this area is used for cigar wrappers.

There is an animal yard where you can brush, pet, and chase goats, sheep, bunnies, chickens, and ducks. Kayla would stay in this area all day if she could!

Every kind of squash you can imagine – and all varieties of produce.

And we never miss buying a 50lb sack of potatoes for $9.00! Sometimes 2 sacks as we go through them so quickly! (Much better than $3.99 for 5lbs at the local grocery store!) And this weekend at church, the lunch will be….you guessed it – a baked potato bar!

The boys have loved these John Deere tractors since they were 4 and 2 years old. Kory even had a birthday party here one year – his 7th, I think. They are getting a bit big for this now, and the racing is definitely more competitive.

There is just nothing like fall in New England. We’re trying to enjoy every minute of it, as we know what the next 7 months hold. (Dread.)

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  1. What great pictures! I sure miss all the fall-like activities of New England! I don’t think I’ll miss the winter though! I really enjoy your blog and reconnecting this way! Ever since we decided to homeschool in July, I have been meaning to call you…I really should do that soon!

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