Contagious Fever

It would be very safe to say that I never watch sports on TV. It would even be safe to say that Robert hardly watches them or any TV for that matter. But we recently caught a fever that made us do strange things like stay up past midnight watching the flickering screen, and allow our kids to do the same. Why we caught it this year and never before is a mystery as the virus strain is particularly potent in this state. Our immunities must have been down though, because we definitely succumbed to the fever.
Maybe it was because our boys are at the age of susceptibility and really enjoy watching the sports that they actually play. I don’t know. But the really strange thing is that I also found myself anticipating the next game, hoping the outcome would be in our favor. Any other time a movie or sporting event has been on at our house, I usually seize the opportunity to do something creative – sewing, writing letters, cooking – anything but sit still and watch the screen. Not this time. I came down with the fever like everyone else.

I’m just glad we won four in a row. Now we can all go to bed and get the rest we really need after having the fever this long.

Congratulations Red Sox!

(Does this mean we have now completely assimilated to New England culture?)

2 thoughts on “Contagious Fever

  1. I caught this fever in 2004 and I never lost it! I turned into a Red Sox addict…crazy how it happens!! I was just really glad that central time is one hour earlier…this time nights weren’t so late!

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