Choosing a career (or more Coop quotes)

Riding in the van on the way to the farm from out of nowhere….

Coop: “Mom, I will have a job while I’m in college, but when I’m out I’m not going to have a job.”

Me: “But Coop, how will you buy food or a house or a car?”

Coop: “Well, I’m just going to preach like Dad —- because it’s really easy.”

Me: “It’s not that easy.”

Coop: “Really???”

Me: “No, you have to go to school, write papers, study a lot, learn Greek and Hebrew, write sermons, lead Bible studies, marry people, do funerals, clean the church bathroom, bail water out of the church basement, go to meetings, visit people in the hospital, mop floors, help people when they are having problems, talk with angry neighbors about the noise coming from your church, and the possibility that there is lead in the paint you’re scraping off the building,and many, many other things.” (OK, I didn’t say all of that 🙂 )

Coop: (downcast) “Oh, I thought it was easy.”

So, I guess it’s back to the career drawing board for poor Cooper.

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  1. Hi! Yes, the church basement floods when we forget to clean the drain outside when it fills with leaves, etc., and yes, I think Cooper would definitely go for the cousin Jonah drum gig!

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