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Reflections & Resolutions

I’m living out a little fantasy of mine today and for the next two days called Being Alone In My House. It’s so amazing. You know I still love having a full house, lots of people around my table, and the sounds of laughter and lively conversations, but this is such a nice reprieve. Robert… Read More Reflections & Resolutions

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Friday Favorites: Christmas Traditions

Three more days until Christmas, and I kinda hate to get my hopes up but there’s been a snowflake icon on December 25 on my weather app for about a week now. A white Christmas would be so perfect, especially since my dad will be here from Texas. (Although he got about three inches at… Read More Friday Favorites: Christmas Traditions


Waiting and Hoping and Coming (and Grandmas)

I’ve been trying to be mindful of the waiting process this last week. That’s what we’re sort of re-enacting during Advent – the waiting for the One who is coming. Beth Moore wrote this on Sunday: Ears ached with emptiness, yearning to hear sounds of heaven. Some word from God. Nothing. 1 century then 2,… Read More Waiting and Hoping and Coming (and Grandmas)

Adorning the Truth, Advent

What Mary Said (And a Special Request)

Her words struck me intensely this time, though I’ve read them many times before. “Behold, the bondslave of the Lord; may it be done to me according to your word.” (Luke 1:38) What a response. What beautiful surrender. What a quiet humility. What fierce faith. And displayed in the midst of a situation seemingly impossible, certainly… Read More What Mary Said (And a Special Request)


A Trip, A Tea Party, & 3 Winners!

Macy’s on 34th John Piper’s Advent reading plan on the Bible App has been giving me a lot to think about and be challenged by lately. Here’s part of what day 22 said: “You can read every fairy tale that was ever written, every mystery thriller, every ghost story, and you will never find anything… Read More A Trip, A Tea Party, & 3 Winners!


He Calms the Seas AND the Season ( Plus…A Giveaway!)

Tea Party Prep! Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays always start the same way for the 40-somethings at my house.  Up early.  Workout clothes on. Bible reading with a side of hot tea.  Out the door for a run – on the nearby rail trail or at the nearby Planet Fitness depending on weather conditions. (On Mondays… Read More He Calms the Seas AND the Season ( Plus…A Giveaway!)


Wonderful Winter Catch Up

Those aren’t two words I would normally use together ~ “wonderful” and “winter” ~ but there’s no denying that winter has brought many wonderful things so far. It was -1 degree here yesterday.  (Not so wonderful.) Betsy stopped by at 7:45am to pick us up for our weekly ski trip to Mt. Snow, Vermont, and… Read More Wonderful Winter Catch Up


Baked Some Cookies, Had A Party, Read a Story, Made Some Gifts…

 This morning had me up early and in the shower for two purposes: getting myself clean and scrubbing the tile.  I learned this whole clean-the-shower-while-you-are-in-the-shower trick from my friend Tamyra in Oklahoma.  Always multi-tasking.  Always. And the reason I want a super-clean bathroom is because in just a few short hours my littlest nephew will… Read More Baked Some Cookies, Had A Party, Read a Story, Made Some Gifts…


Christmas Randomness

Seven years ago this month, I was “tagged” by a real and bloggy friend to write down 12 random Christmas facts about myself.  Kayla was browsing through my blog a few days ago and found the list.  She thought it was very funny and asked me to read it aloud.  When I refused, she started… Read More Christmas Randomness


Overcome, But Overcoming

Christmas is nine days away.  There are menus and meals and cookies to make, groceries to be bought, and parties to be hosted and attended.  There is a track meet to attend and daily practices to travel to.  There are movie dates and skating dates to arrange with teen friends. There are beds to be… Read More Overcome, But Overcoming