Garden Update

Last week we found two things in our garden that we just didn’t expect to make it…..a cantaloupe…..

and broccoli!

Both have been gobbled up. Good thing we don’t have to depend on this garden to feed us through the winter – we would starve, but we are thrilled with our humble beginnings!

What a Kid!

I just have to brag….
Yesterday, as Robert and I made the trek to Vermont, the boys spent the day at the Baglow’s house, and Kayla went to the Gould’s. We picked Kayla up around 5p.m. I told Kory and Cooper they needed to walk home at 3p.m. and accomplish some chores before we arrived home.


When we arrived home at 5:45p.m, we were greeted with a smiling 12 year old, a set table (complete with tablecloth, cloth napkins, and filled water glasses), a chicken taco buffet (complete with grilled-in-a-skillet chicken, corn and flour tortillas, beans, cheese, guacamole, and salsa), and chocolate chip cookies (gluten free, of course) for dessert! It was amazing! Delicious! Everything was even at a perfect temperature! Such a blessing to this mom who forgot to put a whole chicken in the crock pot before we left for Vermont mid-morning! And to think, the whole way home I was pondering what we would have for dinner!

And I (silly me) assumed Kory had used a Gluten Free Pantry chocolate chip cookie boxed mix I recently bought, but no. He found my Gluten Free Baking cookbook by Rebecca Reilly, looked up the cookie recipe, and made them from scratch! Wow! And they were so good!
(Earlier in the week he made me a chocolate cake to celebrate the arrival of my book!)

What a kid! And what an encouragement after a week with some hopeless moments regarding parenting and homeschooling. OK, so relax, they are great kids, and the Lord is accomplishing much in their hearts and minds.
So thankful for the reassurance…..

Old Friends

What a treat!
Today I got to visit with one of my best friends from high school – Kerry. Her husband had to travel to Vermont for a business conference, so we made plans to meet in Bennington, VT which was on their way to Albany to catch a flight back to California.Kerry and I met our freshman year of high school, were cheerleaders together, had classes together, hundreds of sleepovers and hours in the gym working on our tumbling skills. Kerry made much better grades than I, but I think I had the edge in gymnastics. (Hee Hee, only kidding – that one’s for Pat, our coach, who pitted us against each other for the sake of bettering our individual performances!) Kerry was and is one of the friendliest, most positive and encouraging people I’ve ever known. Her sweet notes from the 1980’s until today have been a continual source of blessing to me. She was voted homecoming queen and “Best All-Around” our senior year – 1988 – so I definitely was not the only recipient of this kindness. She was loved by all.

And here we are on an outing to a quaint Texas town – Fredericksburg. I don’t remember the exact year. I’m guessing ’87 or ’88?
Kerry and her family were a huge blessing to me during my high school years. Her mother would bring us iced Crystal Light lemonade in covered Tupperware cups when she picked us up from gymnastics. And once she bought a half gallon of Blue Bell coffee ice cream and delivered it to me after school wrapped in two paper sacks. She did this simply to bless me after I had dinner with her family and raved about the dessert – Blue Bell coffee ice cream! I learned a great deal about family by watching theirs – a great deal about motherhood by watching hers.
Now, Kerry is a busy Mom of three adorable boys, and will run her first half marathon in a couple of weeks!
Best wishes! Love you and miss you lots! 1 and a half hours was not enough!

(*Sat. Oct. 6 – edit – upon further investigation of hairstyles 🙂 , I now believe the above pic was from 1986 – we were both 16!)

Of Knights and Fair Ladies

On Monday, our homeschool history group took a field trip to the
Connecticut Renaissance Faire. We are studying the Renaissance and Middle Ages this year, so it was perfect for our group! It was “school day” on Monday with cut rate tickets and back to back shows. We were there from 9a.m. through 2p.m. and still didn’t get to see everything.

So, we are studying this era in an official way this year, but Kory and Cooper have been “in” to castles, knights, swords, dragons, catapults, and jousts for years. Cooper commented (very earnestly) at one point during the day, “It’s just so disappointing that all of these people here don’t know us and what awesome sword fighters we are!”

These men did a performance/teaching time called “The Duelists.” They were great – funny and extremely knowledgeable about both Middle Ages weapons and Renaissance weapons. It was during this presentation that we learned the term “swashbuckler” has nothing to do with pirates!
We also saw a real live joust. The female peasant won. And we saw a tournament in which different pairs fought using different weapons. If a woman was fighting, she won. Even King Arthur was challenged to a duel by a woman and was beaten. I began to wonder if this was truly accurate. Did women really joust, and really fight with swords, daggers, and rapiers? And if they did, did they usually beat their male opponents? Or were we at the Politically Correct Connecticut Renaissance Faire?
This was a marionette puppet show about Gibbly Gobbly Dragon and Dan making stinky soup for their friends. Even “Souper Fairy” made an appearance – with a pink “S” on her chest!

The kids with the bishop. He was a huge man! There were a few monks wandering around as well.
And the boys were in their element – every booth seemed to have swords of all sorts, bows and arrows, shields, animal skins, leather pouches – you name it. Kory bought a real metal sword with sheath – the perfect way to spend the rest of his birthday money! There was jealousy to be sure, but he had the money, what could I do? I think we’re up to 8 swords in the Krumrey collection now.
And Kayla’s purchase of the day was a purple hair net like all the other “ladies” were wearing. (I’m sure this thing has a real scientific name, but I don’t know it.)
It was a great day – no one can wait until next year!
Fare thee well…

Apple Picking (and other types of picking)

On Saturday, we enjoyed a favorite New England tradition – apple picking!

Upon finding a really good apple…..

Cooper: “This is the grandest apple in the whole orchard!” (Say with British accent)

Kory: “You mean – This apple is the apple of my eye.” (Say with corrective older brother tone)

This may seem like a silly interchange, but honestly we are having quite a bit of sibling rivalry which always seems to begin as inocently as this. Sigh.

It was a BEAUTIFUL day, so after returning home we hopped on our bikes and rode down the Norwottuck Rail Trail. There is access to the trail just across the street from our house. We rode as far as a local shopping area, stopped there for iced coffee and frozen lemonade, then returned home in time to get Kory off to his football game

Monday, Kayla used the always entertaining apple peeler/corer/ slicer to make sauteed apples in brown sugar and cinnamon for dessert. yummy.

“Keep me as the apple of your eye, hide me in the shadow of your wings.”
Psalm 17:8

Asking for this in the draining work of child training.

“Like apples of gold in settings of silver, is a word spoken in right circumstances.”
Proverbs 25:11

Praying for gentle, encouraging words form mom to kids, mom to dad, and kid to kid. It’s been that kind of day….