Semi 2nd Honeymoon

We really enjoyed our 3 night getaway to Boston! Eating will forever be a major issue though when away from home. Many people have raved about P.F. Chang’s and their special gluten free menu, so we tried that the first night. Newly opened at the Prudential Center, I don’t think they had all the kinks worked out. They said their rice WAS NOT gluten free.(I’m almost certain it is, though) When I pressed, the waitress just said no one could confirm it was safe to eat. Their lettuce wraps were great as was the chocolate dome, but I was pretty sick afterward -maybe the dairy I cheated on in the dessert.

We definitely did the Boston Tourist Thing even though we’ve been to the city 100 times …. Duck Tour of the city and the Charles River

The Blue Man Group …very postmodern entertainment … difficult for the traditionalist in me… but interesting.
The Copley Square Hotel directly across from the towering Westin, and Marriott. Have you read The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Grey Bridge? The Copley reminded me of the little red lighthouse – over 100 years old and overpowered by the newer hotels.

The Boston Public Library…really a museum as well … we saw the WWII poster exhibit as well as the mini books exhibit.

And Park Street Church…the first thing you encounter on the Freedom Trail… and so amazing to sing hymns and hear the Truth of God’s Word being proclaimed in the heart of Boston! In fact, the sermon was entitled
“What is Truth?”

When we weren’t playing tourist, we sipped coffee, journaled, read books………….
even more wonderful than the first honeymoon!

New Cover for Book

We decided to change the cover a bit. The proofs came back last week, and the blue cover turned purple when it was printed. I’m sure there is a way to adjust this in our file, but the learning curve has already been extremely steep for us regarding the computer work, graphics, conversion to pdf, etc. So now the cover is green and the type is blue here but may turn purple at the printer which will be fine. This also means that the availability date of September 1 is unlikely. Hopefully, and Lord willing, it will be ready sometime in September.

Stay tuned!

Cousin Camp!

The Etheredge-Krumey cousins spent ten days together this month and had a great time!

My sister – Actress/Singer Melissa Etheredge (not the one you’re thinking) arrived in Massachusetts on Saturday the 11th with her three crazy kids – Maisie (11), Jonah (10), and Madeline (7).

Here are the girls in the sand at Puffer’s Pond in Amherst.

And the boys rafting on the Pond along with Cody and Dustin Baglow.

Here they are running up and down the “big hill” at Amherst College. It’s always fun going down – but coming up is another story. Even so, they managed to make several trips both ways after collapsing for awhile at the bottom!

The gang at Amethyst Brook in Amherst. The girls spent the time wading and looking for minnows and frogs.

The boys used the backdrop of the woods/brook for a re-enactment of The Lord of the Rings.

Aunt Melissa spent her time building these zen rock towers – a positve response to a summer of non-stop activity!

Our BIG trip of the visit was a day trip to Ogunquit,Maine. We spentmuch of the day running from the incoming tide, but finally settled on dry sand and enjoyed many hours of beach time!

All cleaned up and ready for a trip into town and Perkins Cove. We enjoyed the two candy shops and my favorite store – Art & Soul. Aunt Melissa bought me a cute pair of earrings there – her usual treat for me when visiting – I haven’t taken them off since! The kids couldn’t wait to get to the PennyCandy store where they loaded up sand pails with their choice of any ten items.

Lastly, a walk on the Marginal Way and rock climbing. Don’t they look very J. Crew in this pic? Right out of the catalogue!

We ate a very late dinner, got compliments on our sleepy, therefore well-behaved/subdued kids at the restaurant, and made the 3 hour trek home! So tiring, but definitely worth it!

We already miss you, Etheredges! See you again in January!

Batman Begins

This is a bat.

This is Robert looking for a bat in our basement. Facing his worst fear… on his way to becoming……

a superhero.

(Actually his worst fear is snakes. I pray he never has to face that one.)
Where is Alfred when you need him?

This is Robert holding a captured bat, (see above) and one of the tools used to capture the bat. (We also used salad tongs – more on that later.) Why look for and capture bats you might ask…..

In the last month we have seen 3 bats in our house. 2 were in the basement. Twice, as Robert and I were reading in bed (actually on the folded out futon in the basement because of house guests) what we thought was a large moth began circling the room. It wasn’t a moth. Upon realization of its true identity, I hid under the covers, and Robert watched to see where it might land. Both times we ended up running out of the room though, in fear, only to return and not be able to locate the bat. (I’m sure no house guests will ever argue with us about sleeping in our room again!)

Sunday morning after everyone had left early for church I hopped in the shower to get ready myself. Afterwards, I pulled the shower curtain aside and saw a bat hanging on the wall of the bathroom. I “freaked” – for lack of a more descriptive term. I called Robert to come home from church and catch the bat. Now, we knew you needed to catch the bat so that you could take it in for rabies testing, because friends of ours just had this experience, but they chased their bat out the door and then ended up having to get rabies shots for the entire family since the bat had been upstairs near their children for an unknown amount of time. (Their are a couple of cases in which children have been bitten unaware and later died.) We would learn from their mistake.

So Batman (Robert) bravely covered the bat with a small fishing net and called on me to get salad tongs in order to pull it from the wall. He then brought it to the floor where I placed a small Rubbermaid container over it. We tilted it upright with the lid in place, Robert pulled the net out, and we secured the lid, and then duct taped it all around and poked breathing holes in the top. Gotta keep the bat alive for proper testing. Gotta at least keep the brain intact, because this is what is actually tested for signs of rabies. I went from hysterical tears to hysterical laughter the entire time.

I skipped church and drove the bat to the vet.

Animal control said call the Pediatrician immediately. I did and she said go straight to the emergency room for RABIES SHOTS! She said “Why incubate rabies for three days while you wait for bat brain test results?” She said anytime a bat has been near sleeping children, the only prudent thing to do is get the shots. The disease is always fatal.

So the Krumrey family spent the afternoon in the emergency room getting shots. Because the dosage is by weight Robert got 5, I got 4, Kory and Cooper got 3, and Kayla got 2. And we will have to return 4 more times for 1 shot each time. (The shots were not given in the stomach, but where they were given will not be mentioned here. Let’s just say the 2 nurses felt intimately acquainted with the Krumreys after it was all over.) And Kory did not faint.

Today the vet called and said that the rabies testing is free, but that I needed to pay for overnight refrigerated shipping to Boston for the bat! I asked if we could cancel, since we are on our way to immunity, but she said it had already been shipped.

I went back to the vet today and wrote a check for $50.

Pray this saga does not continue.

15 Years of Marriage!

On Wednesday, August 1 we celebrated our 15 year wedding anniversary! The Baglow family kept our kids all afternoon and evening while we sipped ice coffee from Dunkin Donuts (very popular in New England) and then went out for dinner at Tavern on the Hill. We sat on the deck and had a beautiful view, but it was about 95 degrees! We were ready for the A/C at Starbucks and more ice coffee when dinner was over. It was a wonderful evening and only made us look forward to our upcoming anniversary trip to Boston – three nights away – hurray!

Set me as a seal upon your heart, as a seal upon your arm, for love is strong as death, jealousy is fierce as the grave …. Many waters cannot quench love, neither can floods drown it.
Song of Solomon 8:6-7

Let marriage be held in honor among all…
Hebrews 13:4

26 Years of Friendship

While Miss Riggs visited (see Heavenly Houseguests) we took a trip to New York City. Our main reason for going was to see Ellis Island – Miss Riggs re-created the immigration experience of Ellis Island at her middle school to culminate a unit study on immigration. One of the other highlights of the day was visiting Mike Romo – a classmate of mine from the 5th grade, and student of hers from the 6th grade. Mike and I sat next to each other in her Spanish class her first year of teaching, and traveled to Mexico with her and about 20 other students after our eighth grade year of Spanish. We have all managed to stay in touch through high school – Mike and I were prom dates our senior year as neither of us had dates, college – Mike played football at SMU and I roomed with his girlfriend at UT so we made many trips to Dallas for games, married life – he was an usher at my wedding/I couldn’t go to his as I was 9 months pregnant with Cooper, and parenthood/careerhood – he has a beautiful wife, Wende and two adorable girls, Morgan and Reagan, and a successful business career in NYC. He and Miss Riggs share their birthday month and have been in touch at least once a year because of this. What a blessing to have old friends!

Kayla turns 7

Kayla turned 7 one week ago today – the day after we returned from Maine, and the day we were expecting round three of house guests. We celebrated with Chocolate Chip pancakes, sausage and presents. Kayla is very “in” to babies, so she received baby clothes, a diaper bag, and a stroller. She also loves Precious Moments figurines and admires them every time we visit the Hallmark store, so she received one of these as well. She was also excited about the welcome banner that Grammie and Paw-Paw sent for her garden house, the dress and matching purse from Grandad, and all the cards with birthday money inside! Later that day our guests arrived and after dinner they helped us sing and eat cupcakes which every one enjoyed. (The recipe was the “Basic Cake” from Rebecca Riley’s Gluten Free Baking)

Fun In Maine

Our annual trip to Maine was great. Our first adventure was to find a restaurant where we could all safely eat. We never eat out on this trip, but this time I was too tired and unprepared to cook in the cabin the first night. We pulled in to the parking lot of this restaurant – it had a good name – and I ran in to ask about their menu – specifically whether or not their fries were gluten free. (Lots of restaurants use fries coated with wheat flour to make them extra crispy) The owner/manager was so kind to go to the kitchen and tear off the labels of the sweet potato fries and regular fries. Sweet Potato fries were definitely off limits, but regular fries were fine, and we were so hungry by this point that we ordered them as appetizers, and them ate them again with our bunless burgers! Well, the kids had burgers, Robert had fish and chips, and I had their summer strawberry salad – all very yummy!

This is the beach at Ogunquit. It is such a fun beach – perfect for kids with both waves and calmer tide pools to splash in. I love the sea of colorful umbrellas that decorate the beach. How blessed we are to be able to vacation in Maine every year – many thanks to Jay and Jean Smith whose allow pastors and missionaries to use their cabin year after year.

The kids could stay at the beach all day – and we did for two days in a row. What could be more entertaining than acres of sand and water?

An evening walk along the”Marginal Way” – a beautiful one mile walkway along the rocky coast taking you from Perkins Cove to downtown Ogunquit. Ice Cream in town was the reward for walking the entire way!