Cold Fronts and Cool Retreats

“We’re expecting a cold front here tomorrow,” is what my dad told me over the phone and from the heart of Texas on Friday night. On Saturday morning, I heard it again from another Texas friend. It was Kelly’s (a.k.a. Miss Riggs) birthday, and when I texted her to wish her a happy day, she… Read More Cold Fronts and Cool Retreats

Favorite Things

Five Favorites On Friday

My seminary lectures and readings last week were all on the book of Ecclesiastes. Kind of depressing at first. “Vanity of vanities! All is vanity.” (1:2) “The eye is not satisfied with seeing, nor is the ear filled with hearing.” (1:8) “So I hated life, for the work which had been done under the sun… Read More Five Favorites On Friday

Abiding in the Vine

Prince of Peace, Come and Reign

It was such a lovely weekend. About twenty-five of us gathered in what can only be described as a log mansion. The oversized stone fireplaces surrounded by the coziest of furniture on every level disqualified it from being a mere cabin. Built long ago as a luxurious hunting lodge, it now serves as the retirement home… Read More Prince of Peace, Come and Reign

Pop Culture, T-Swift


Someone with blonde hair, a lot of love for cats, and not a lot of love for Kim and Kanye released a new song last Friday. And because, according to my Myers-Briggs personality type, I am “fiercely loyal,” I believed in this young musician whom I have come to enjoy and admire. I just knew she would… Read More Gorgeous

Family Life, Motherhood

Weepy Eyes. Full heart. Can’t Wait Till Christmas.

Ya’ll already know how much I love to have people around my dining room table, but these people right here are my favorite ones to have gathered in one place. They are my favorite people to cook chocolate chip pancakes and bacon for. This is my favorite group to hang out with and laugh with… Read More Weepy Eyes. Full heart. Can’t Wait Till Christmas.

See The World, Serve The World, Travels

Turkish Delights

Passport, Visa, packing lists, notarized forms, planning meetings, books to read, letters to send, phone calls to make, a pantry to stock, and fears to face. The trip to Turkey finally came and went, and it was truly an incredible experience. It’s difficult to express all that it meant to me, especially with an inherent… Read More Turkish Delights

Missions, Serve The World

Sweetly Sent

Today is the day. I’m as nervous as I am excited, and I’d appreciate your prayers so much… For open doors to gospel conversations and faith sharing. I love the way my friend Christina put it in a text message yesterday: “Praying for unexpected opportunities and conversations with faith-filled responses.” Yes, that! Also…the forming of… Read More Sweetly Sent


A Winner & A Podcast

So fun!  I would have been so thrilled to send a Bible study workbook to any of you who commented on the last post, because each of you are really precious to me. Really. I truly love connecting with you here, and sharing life’s battles and our common faith. But, Sara Evans was the winner,… Read More A Winner & A Podcast


The How of Eating (And a Giveaway)

On July 28, 2000 I gave birth to a beautiful little girl named Kayla. It was a scheduled c-section for several reasons, and it just happened to be Kathie Lee Gifford’s very last day on “Live With Regis and Kathie Lee.” Random, I know, but the show was playing on the TV in the surgery… Read More The How of Eating (And a Giveaway)


Wellness and His Word

6am morning run. We’d meet at the corner, start up the hill, and she’d open the conversation with, “How are you doing?” It was years ago, but I’m still so grateful for the question, and knew exactly what she was getting at. My answer often felt unsatisfying.  I wanted to report that I was better,… Read More Wellness and His Word